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Closure of Amenities - Stay at Home

Good evening Bayston Hill residents. Following the announcement by the Prime Minister this evening the following amenities must close:-

1. Tennis Court

2. 3G/Astro pitch

3. Outdoor Gym

4. Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

5. Skatepark

6. BMX Track

Please assist adherence to the lockdown by not visiting any of the listed amenities.

Longmeadow Play Ground may remain open under the latest regulations but residents are urged to keep to guidance of hands face space. Limiting your visit time is important too.

Bayston Hill Library - Re-opening

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Bayston Hill Library - November Lockdown

Covid 19 Local Testing Availability



We are keen to share with the community updated information regarding local Covid Testing. Shropshire is at critical point in the battle against COVID-19. On Monday 19th October, Public Health England put Shropshire’s case rate at 90.4 per 100,000.