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Outdoor Gym


In 2019 an 8-piece outdoor gym was installed with part-funding by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.  Up to 13 people can use the gym at the same time.  It is located next to the skate park at Stanley Parker Playing FIelds at Lythwood and enjoys panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.  It is accessible day and night, free of charge.



The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:  

Europe investing in rural areas

 Double Slalom Skier

 Double Squat Push Combi Pull Down Challenger & Power Push

Double slalom skier Double Slalom Skier

Tai Chi Discs


Parrs Pool

This is a view of Parrs Pool in the spring time.  In November 2008 a path running from Brookfield down to and around the pool was completed.  Parrs Pool is now accessable all year round and is suitable for wheelchair and pushchair use. You can access the path from Brookfield kissing gate.












This is a view of the allotments that are managed by the Bayston Hill Allotment Assocation.

Please contact Alan Rogers for further information and to be put on the waiting list for an allotment plot.











Astro Turf Pitch

Bayston Hill Astro Turf Pitch was opened in July 2008 and is situated up at the Lythwood Sports Comples. Anyone interested in hiring the pitch please contact the Amenities Administrator on 07848 033943 Mon - Fri 9am - 11am for details. Also check 3G Pitch - Availability & Request Booking | Bayston Hill Parish Council











Tennis / Netball Court - In April 2019 the tennis court was spray painted to improve surface grip and marked with a netball court. The court can be booked by telephoning the Parish Amenities Adminstrator on 07848 033943 Mon - Fri 9am - 11am. Also check Tennis/Netball Court - Availability & Request Booking | Bayston Hill Parish Council












Longmeadow Play Area - The play area is designed for chlidren aged 7 - 11 years with a separate area for toddlers


Lythwood Youth Complex

 BMX Track

BMX Track

The BMX Track is situated further up the lane from the Pavilion, off Lythwood Road.  This BMX track is for the older children.












        Skateboard Park

Skateboard Park

The Skateboard Park is situated next to the BMX

track which is further up the lane from the Pavilion, off Lythwood Road.   











  Multi Use Games Area

Multi Use Games Area

The Multi Use Games Area is situated between the BMX track and Skateboard park, past the Lythwood Sports Complex.











Bayston Hill Crown Bowling Green

Crown Green Bowling Green

The bowling green and club house are situated within the Sports Pavilion on Lythwood Road.

The bowling green is managed by Bayston Hill Crown Green Bowling Club.











Youth and Community Building - This community building has a carpeted room and separate kitchen area.