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Referencesort descending Application Date Proposal Status
16/02600/FUL 28th June 2016 Application under Section 73a of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for... Granted
Hereford Road Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/02908/FUL 13th July 2016 Erection of single storey extensions Granted
31 Mayfield Grove Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/03013/FUL 6th July 2016 Conversion of existing garage to provide additional living space; creation of... Granted
53 Lansdowne Crescent Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/03098/FUL 12th July 2016 Erection of two storey extensions to side of property and associated... Granted
Whitcliffe Burgs Lane Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/03348/FUL 28th July 2016 Erection of extension to first floor to provide an additional bedroom with en-... Granted
5 Castle Road Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/03602/FUL 12th August 2016 Erection of 1 no. detached dwelling with garage and retention of agricultural... Withdrawn
Proposed Dwelling To The North Of Gorse Lane Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/03759/FUL 23rd August 2016 Replacement of kitchen roof and insertion of new roof lantern; installation of... Granted
10 Gorse Lane Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/04062/FUL 19th September 2016 Conversion of existing stables to a 1bedroom dwelling and detached 3 open bay... Withdrawn
Stables South Of 109 Lyth Hill Road Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/04067/FUL 8th September 2016 Conversion of integral garage to provide living accommodation and alterations... Granted
33 Brookfield Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire
16/04143/TPO 13th September 2016 Works to trees (see attached schedule) protected by Shrewsbury and Atcham... Withdrawn
Land Adjacent To Fourwinds Bayston Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire



All planning applications can be viewed online on the Shropshire Council Planning Website. Open the site and type in the application number and you can view the application and proposed plans.

Planning applications within the Parish borders and to be dealt with by the Council are located on the left of this page.  

Community Led Planning

The Bayston Hill Community Led Planning Steering Group has its own dedicated website at http://www.baystonhillcommunityplan.org.uk/community/bayston-hill-community-led-plan-13436/home

Results of the Big Survey carried out in 2018 can be accessed through the links on their home page.

Planning Policies

Please see the new drop down menu from the Planning Tab for Bayston Hill Planning Policies and for information on Shropshire Council Planning Policies.