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This page provides links to the Parish Council's own planning policies and those of Shropshire Council together with any current consultations.   (Click on the Planning Tab on the main menu above to view current planning applications in the parish)

Further information about planning is available from Shropshire Council or on the Government Planning Portal

Update on the Local Plan timetable - Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus emergency the Council has decided to pause decision making and consultation on the emerging Local Plan Review. This means that the Pre-Submission version of the Local Plan will not take place in May 2020 as previously agreed. 

The council will now seek to take this decision in July 2020, and follow this with public consultation between July and September. 

The pause in the programme to reflect the current Coronavirus emergency will also have an impact on the ongoing Local Plan timetable.  It is now expected the Council will submit the Plan for examination in early 2021, with adoption expected in early 2022. The Council will update its Local Development Scheme (LDS) to reflect this change to the programme in due course. 

You are receiving this email because you have previously requested to be included on Shropshire Council’s Planning Policy Consultee Database. If you no longer wish to be contacted about planning policy issues, please let us know by emailing: planning.policy@shropshire.gov.uk

Shropshire Council is undertaking a partial review of its Local Development Plan. Comments on the Preferred Sites may be submitted until 31 January 2019.

On 6 August 2018 the Parish Council was invited to meet with Shropshire Council and give its views on the (unassessed) sites suggested for development.  A summary of the discussion may be downloaded below.

On 26 February the Parish Council wrote to Shropshire Council about officer determination of planning decisions.  The letter may be viewed below: