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22nd June 2021

Bayston Hill Parish Council - Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return for Financial Year ending 31st March 2021


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8th June 2021

Shropshire Council has a contract with Airband to build a new ultrafast FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) broadband network. This will provide connectivity to some premises in parts of Bayston Hill parish where superfast broadband is not currently available. This is part of Shropshire Council’s aspiration to provide broadband in some of our most rural areas.  


As part of Airband’s  contract responsibility they have acquired the necessary industry ‘code powers’, which are granted to telecommunication operators like BT Openreach under national legislation (‘Electronic Communications Code’) to build telecommunication networks. The powers are specifically in place to ensure telecommunication operators have the statutory entitlements to install, maintain, adjust, repair or alter apparatus on public and private land.


The legislation means that Airband can build and install new telecommunications infrastructure (e.g. cabinets and poles) without the need to apply for planning permission.


At the same time as having permissions to build the network, Airband will look to repurpose and use existing BT Openreach poles and ducts where these are available for reuse to minimise disruption to the local community. Where this is not possible, Airband will install new infrastructure.


In all cases the network is being designed to ensure that the most remote rural premises will get access to an improved broadband service. In some cases, the network will be built past premises that already have access to a superfast broadband connection.  


As part of ‘code powers’, Airband are entitled to:


  • install electronic telecommunications apparatus on, under or over land;
  • keep installed apparatus which is on, under or over land;
  • inspect, maintain, and operate telecommunications apparatus;
  • carry out any works on the land to enable the telecommunications apparatus to be installed and maintained;
  • gain access to land to maintain or operate apparatus;
  • connect to a power supply;
  • interfere with or obstruct a means of access to or from the land (whether or not any electronic communications apparatus is on, under or over the land); and
  • lop or cut back any tree or other vegetation that could interfere with apparatus.


Wherever possible, Airband will use highways land to install their equipment. This requires no landowner consents. In all cases, should there be a need to install equipment on privately-owned land, Airband will seek consent and appropriate permissions from landowners.


We wish to notify you that over the coming weeks, Airband will be undertaking work in the parish, possibly including some weekend work. Where there is a requirement for ‘road closures’ to undertake works, the appropriate permissions will be obtained from our colleagues in Shropshire Highways.  

Airband are happy to answer any queries your councillors and parishioners may have about the new broadband network and will be happy to attend virtual meetings of the Parish Council. Please contact Claire Hollier at




Connecting Shropshire

Economic Growth

Shropshire Council


Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  SY2 6ND

Phone: 01743 252203



1st June 2021

A date change for your diary.

The date of the next Bayston Hill Parish Council monthly meeting has been moved one week forward and will be held in the Memorial Hall on Monday 21st June 2021 at 7pm.

The Planning Committee has been moved 2 weeks on to Monday 28th June 2021 starting at 6:30pm and the Staffing Committee on the same evening now starts at 7pm.

Check Diary of scheduled Bayston Hill Parish Council meetings 2021/22 | Bayston Hill Parish Council for an updated list of meeting dates.


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