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Bayston Hill Parish Council in partnership with Longden Parish Council is supporting the maintenance of Lyth Hill Country Park through an annual financial contribution to Shropshire Council.  

Both Parish Councils influence the maintenance of the site through membership of the Lyth Hill Advisory Group, (LHAG) which also includes representatives from Shropshire Council and local volunteer groups.

The Advisory Group meets twice a year plus an annual visit to view the site.  A maintenance plan has been agreed and the group monitors and updates the plan as required.

In 2017/18 each Council contributed £4,328;                                        In 2018/19 each Council contributed £6,492;                                        In 2019/20 each Council will contribute £8,656.

Shropshire Council maintains a record of how these ring-fenced contributions are spent and reports back to the Parish Councils.

The minutes of the Advisory Group are available to view below.