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Youth and Community Building Lythwood Road SY3 0NA United Kingdom
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Monday, 23rd April 2018 10:00am


For a month now a growing group of like minded villagers have been meeting at the Youth and Community Building at 10am.

Our commonality is to keep fit and healthy and as a result to have a better life style.

We have a talented fitness instructor in Christina Morgan who is highly qualified and is already working in the Village in the same building doing a mixed ability fitness session starting at 6:30pm on a Tuesday evening, which is now full! She works alongside Shropshire Council providing Postural Stability and later life training for the communities in and around Shrewsbury, along with working within the council providing Mindfulness for their employees. 

On Mondays’ Christina works with the specific needs of the group, balance and core strength were both recognised within the group as being issues that they wanted to address, this is of paramount importance to avoid falls and trips and obviously gives us confidence. We work on a variety of other aspects, including muscular and bone strength to avoid injury, flexibility, dynamic endurance for increased ability to exercise and keep moving. The session finishes with some relaxation in the form of Mindfulness Meditation, the social, emotional and cognitive benefits of practising mindfulness, includes building self-confidence and self-esteem, reduces anxiety and stress, and enhances coordination and focus.

We have the availability to use the Astro Turf for Walking Football and David Leddington is happy to lead this but this group is starting from scratch, and of course can and will include any women out there interested in joining in?

Equally we are hoping to get some Villagers playing tennis – we have all the equipment you need so just turn up.

When the weather improves I hope to have the chance for enough takers to join us in Rounders, Volley Ball and/ or just walking. What we can do will very much be lead by the interest of the group!


Just turn up and join us, Do whatever you are able to do! The important thing is to Just Do!


Teresa Lewis

Lead Parish Councillor for this event